Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) Implemented

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has implemented Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) with effect from1 Jesth 2080.

Nepali individuals who have spent a minimum of six months working abroad are granted permission to bring back two mobile phones with them upon their return to their home country.

The Department of Customs issued a notice stating that only those who have obtained labor permits and completed six months of employment abroad are eligible to carry two mobile phones (either one used and one brand new, or two used devices) back home.

However, individuals from Nepal who have traveled to foreign countries for educational pursuits or other reasons are only allowed to bring back one mobile phone, as stated by NTA.

According to NTA, MDMS system is implemented for the purpose of organizing and controlling the illegal import of mobile phones. This decision was made by the Cabinet meeting held on May 9.