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About Dollar cards in Nepal | International payment cards


Who can issue dollar cards in Nepal

Any authorised  ‘A’ class commercial banks and ‘B’ class  development banks can issue dollar cards in Nepal.

Who can obtain dollar cards in Nepal

Any Nepalese individual, firm, company or institutions can apply and obtain dollar cards in Nepal.

How to apply for dollar cards in Nepal

To apply for dollar cards in Nepal  you need to submit the following documents in the banks :

1. Card issuance form

2. know your customer (KYC) form

3. Permanent identification number (PAN) card

4. Declaration of being an owner of one prepaid card only

What can you do with the dollar cards in Nepal ?

1. You can  deposit upto USD 500 or equivalent in the account at once or within a year.

2. You can use the  card to buy or make international transactions online, upto the limit of USD 500 annually.

3. You can also deposit the income you receive from international outlets upto the limit of USD 5,000 annually.

4. You can also exchange foreign currencies up to USD 500 or equivalent.

How many dollar cards can one person obtain  in Nepal ?

One person can obtain only one dollar cards in Nepal. If one person obtain dollar cards from one bank then he/she can't obtain dollar cards from another bank in Nelal.

Can we use dollar cards in ATM machine ?

No, you can't use dollar cards in  ATM to withdraw money or use the card to pay with point-of-sale (POS) machines  like Visa cards.

Can we make transaction above USD 500 within a year ?

No, you can't make transactions beyond the fixed limit of USD 500. If found guilty, the NRB can hold or cancel the transaction or even the card.

Which is the first registered PUBG team in Nepal


De Real Solders, DRS Gaming is the first PUBG team in Nepal to register gaming legally in Nepal. DRS has officially registered in the company register and has also signed a contract with five players for the first time. Now these players will get monthly salary and facilities like athletes from other sports. 

DRS has signed with Eugene Lama (Ninja), Ajay Shrestha (AJ), Nima Tamang (Nima), Pemba Galgen Lama (Galgen), Anjan Rai (AR Boro). 

The PUBG team was Founded by Ashesh Rai and Rejan Khatri in 2020. The team has managed to reach the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in its first year and finished 20th in the competition.

The team within eight months of its establishment, has received more than Rs 4.1 million in awards.

What is Nagarik App | Why Nepal Government launched Nagarik App


Nagarik App is the mobile application developed by the Nepal government to provide all the government services digitally in a single platform so that people need not visit the Government offices to get those services.

Nepal Government has launched the beta version of 'Nagarik App' as all the services of different government bodies will be done in the same platform. Currently you can apply for a PAN registration. In future, you will be able to apply for driving license, DMAT and many more in just a single click from this apps. You will get all decentralised services that are now provided by the local governments to the citizens.

This apps is expected to put an end to the hassles that citizens have been facing since long time in government offices. It is hoped that the app will save the time of citizens and also reduce corruption by increasing transparency.

This e-governance platform will really be beneficial to Nepalese Citizen as they need not to be present physically in government office. You just need your mobile phone number for identification and enter your citizenship/ Passport/ Licence details to use this apps.

If you want to download the Nagarik App. click here

Why delete is fast but copying takes time


 In Operating System, Files are stored and tracked using file systems. A file system represents a file by a structure called inode. It includes information like file attributes and the blocks it occupies on the hard disk.

In order to copy a file, a new file need to be created and it need to be freshly copied in different available location which takes a lot time causing expensive disk writes with an additional overhead of buffers in memory.

 the operating system only needs to delete the reference and mark the blocks used

Many operating systems do a soft delete when you ask it to delete a file, hence it is fast. When you copy, the file needs to be physically stored on the disk which takes a lot time, as many disk accesses as big the file is.

In order to delete a file, Operating system do a soft delete. They only delete the reference and mark the blocks used by the deleted file as free for future use which is significantly more quicker.

Deleting a reference is much faster and does not involve lot of disk and memory write operations.

On the other hand time required for copying a file to hard disk will be directly proportional to the size of the file. Consecutive block writes would be faster.

Do image quality decrease with time


No, photo quality itself doesn't decrease with time but if you copy and save same image multiple time then compression algorithm will be running every time to reduce file size. In such case you will see your image quality decreasing as you save the same image multiple times.

If you have stored your good quality photo of JPG or JPEG few years ago then you will fill that the photo quality is not good enough today.

What do you think, Do photo quality decrease with time ?

No, its absolutely not. Today due to advancement of technology the camera quality is increasing day by day. Few years ago when you have saved your photo, you have never seen a camera better than that of your photo. But today you are using advanced camera. In such case, if you compare your old photos with of today you will feel that the image quality has been decreased. But, image quality has not decreased but camara quality of today's generation has increased.

What is the size of Empty Folder


The size of Empty Folder is equal to Zero. If an empty Folder is created with no data then the folder doesn't contain any space.

In any file system there is a particular space reserved. For example, if you purchase memory card of 16 GB then you will get memory card of about 15 GB only. Some portion of memory will be reserved for important operation such as folder/directory.

Folder/directory are used to store files. Folders themselves doesn't contain any data so their size is equal to zero. If we see technically, as folder need to be created, it must contain some space. Yes, it contain very less or insignificant space which will be fulfilled by the reserved memory in any file system.So, we wil not see any space occupied by folder in any file system.

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