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Are giveaway on Internet real ?

Giveaway on Internet real or fake ?

Most of the giveaway that you see in social media are fake. Many YouTubers and social media influencer use giveaway scam just to promote their products, business, YouTube channel and social media accounts. 

 Don't you get surprised that even after participating in more then 100's of giveaway you are never selected ? Not only you, have you ever listened from your friends that they won certain giveaway ? Your answer must be "no".

 Different YouTubers and social media pages bring many giveaway just to catch attention of audience towards them. They just keep certain conditions to participate in giveaway. For example, YouTubers ask to subscribe their channel, Facebook pages, Twitter and TikToker asks to follow their account. Once you follow their conditions then their mission of issuing giveaway scam is completed.

 Now, on the final day they create fake people and make them winner. In this way they promote their channel and accounts for free. 

 Not only small YouTubers and small social media pages but also big YouTubers who have already gained high popularity also use this scam technique. It will be easy for big personality to issue such scam because people easily believe on them. 

 What all giveaway are scam ?

 Not at all, All giveaway are not scam but most of the giveaway are. Their are very few giveaway that are real and genuine. Genuine giveaway are issued to promote business and brand rather then their social media accounts. Such giveaway do not ask for you to follow and subscribe their pages and channel, but they ask to participate in small survey relating to their products.

Routine of Nepal Banda


Routine of Nepal Banda

Online Media/Facebook Page


Routine of Nepal Banda (established 26 May 2011), known Popularly as RONB, is an officially registered news media company under the name Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Company Act, 2063), Department Of Information Reg. Number. 1766/076-77 in Nepal. It was first established as a Facebook page to inform about Nepal Banda. Later they started providing news and information and become reliable source of information for Nepalis at home and abroad.

The page started as an outlet to disseminate information on bandas. But today, with more than 2.6 million likes on Facebook, 1 million followers on Instagram, 260K followers on Twitter, it is changing the way Nepalis consume news. It has become a go-to source of information for many Nepalis.

It deliver authentic information, essential updates, entertaining posts, Photographs, etc. It focus mainly on holiday updates, essential information for citizens, entertainment, Photo Journalism and Citizen Journalism. It have a good social media presence across major Social Media platforms and it's web portal is

Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB)




Routine of Nepal Banda Facebook Page




Routine of Nepal Banda 
26 May 2011 (10 years )

Kathmandu, Nepal






Facebook Page





Facebook Followers



2.6 million +




Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.



Online Media

Years Active

2011 - Present








Routine of Nepal banda (RONB) is an officially registered news media company under the name Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Company Act, 2063), Department Of Information Reg. Number. 1766/076-77 in Nepal. 




Victor Paudel



Media status

Inactive (under construction )






Routine of Nepal Banda in social media

























19.5k subscribers +








Victor Paudel, started a Facebook page named Routine of Nepal Banda on 26 May 2011 with a view to inform about Nepal Banda. Later he and his team started posting news and information which become reliable source of information for Nepalis at home and abroad. Encouraged by its success, the RONB has now registered as a media company, and is planning a full-fledged news portal. The team is developing an app too.

 RONB does not rush to break news. If it is a little slow, that probably means it is trying to verify the information. Unless something is urgent, they don’t worry about being late. The RONB team tries to verify info through various means, including local authorities, residents, and other news sources.

 For news updates, it uses short (6-7 line) paragraph posts and a simple language along with related photos. Some posts are in Roman Nepali, which many Nepalis use for texting. Even when it uses English, the language is simple enough for nearly everyone to understand. RONB survives on advertisements from movies, events, and private businesses. 


1.  The Kathmandu Post


3. Routine of Nepal Banda

4.RONB website (

5. The Annapurna Post

External links

·         Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) on YouTube

·         Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) on Tiktok

·         Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB)  on Facebook

·         Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) on Twitter

·         Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) on Instagram



Why IPO Craze is increasing in Nepal ?


IPO craze is increasing in Nepal mainly due to memes about share market circulated on social media. People who have no Idea about share market are also applying for IPO just to follow social media trends.

Although social media trends is not only the factor behind increasing trends for applying IPO in Nepal. But we can say that social media trends is the main factor.

How IPO craze become trends on social media ? 

Scam 1992 Web Series of Harshad Mehta created hype about share market on social media. Student's desire of being like Harsad Meheta with small investment lead to IPO craze in Nepal. Many people get attracted on IPO after knowing about guaranteed Profit and easy access on share market through online.

Reasons Behind IPO craze in Nepal

1. Social Media trends : The main factor is the social media trends. People started investing on IPO following the social media trends. Due to the increasing number of applicants only the few lucky applicants gets 10 units of Share though IPO. Since only few people get share through IPO, the IPO topic always become trends on IPO allotment day.

2. Scam 1992 Web Series effect : Students and Youths who watched Scam 1992 Web Series started dreaming of becoming like Harshad Mehta. Students who do not have much investment but wants to invest in Share market, IPO become the best alternative for them. The popularity of the web series lead to share market craze in Nepal.

3. Micro Investment of one thousand : People can start their share market journey through small investment of one thousand by applying for IPO. If people get alloted, then their is guaranteed Profit of more then 200%.

4. Eassy access through online : People can apply for IPO with a single click from their own smartphone. The online system has attracted a lot of students and youths in Share Market. People investing in secondary market has also increased due to online facility.

5.Guaranteed Profit : People who started to investing in IPO started gaining a guaranteed profit of more than 200%. Consequently, they told their friends and relatives, ultimately boosting the volume of people grabbing for the almost-sure profits that everyone was talking about.

Reasons why videos get Corrupt


Video Files get corrupt due to various error that occurred during recording, playback, storage or transfer of the clip. Some of the common reasons why video file gets corrupt are : 

1. If Video playing device are shut-down while videos are still being played.

2.If you are using a third-party video player that does not have requisite properties needed to effectively process video files.

3. If there is Physical damage to hard drives or memory cards where video is stored.

4. If a video file become infected with either viruses or malware making it almost impossible for video players to process the files.

5. if the file’s header, metadata, or other modules are tampered with and are not reverted to their original status.

6. If recording is incomplete due to bad SD card, camera dropped or any type of unfinished recording.

7. If Video in not completely downloaded. In case your internet connection got disconnected while downloading videos which cause incomplete download of video.

How to prevent MP4 files from being corrupted in future?

Here I am sharing the tips on how to avoid damaging your MP4 file so that you don't have to repair them again.

1. Never turn off your camera until the video recording has not been ended.

2. Avoid creating or playing videos when the battery is almost completely discharged.

3. Do not use cheap flash memory cards to store videos. Make sure the memory card has sufficient space and read / write speed to record video files on it.

4. Back up your important videos on timely manner and check videos status. 

4. Make a quick format of the memory card before recording important videos on it. 

This will help avoid fragmentation of your MP4 files and make it easier to recover them when needed. 

But be sure to save the contents on the memory card before formatting it.

5. Back up your important videos on timely manner to avoid loss of important data.

Which is the cheapest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal


 CG Net is the cheapest and fastest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal . CG Net is providing 120Mbps internet plans which is the highest bandwidth internet and also the cheapest internet plans available in Nepal.

CG Net is also not taking any installation charges. You just need to pay for router and refundable deposit. 

It is currently providing services in the three districts of Kathmandu valley but it is expected to expand throughout the country soon. 

For now, CG Net has not provide IPTV service with its internet subscription. However, company has said that they will bring all the major services including IPTV services in Future.

About Dollar cards in Nepal | International payment cards


Who can issue dollar cards in Nepal

Any authorised  ‘A’ class commercial banks and ‘B’ class  development banks can issue dollar cards in Nepal.

Who can obtain dollar cards in Nepal

Any Nepalese individual, firm, company or institutions can apply and obtain dollar cards in Nepal.

How to apply for dollar cards in Nepal

To apply for dollar cards in Nepal  you need to submit the following documents in the banks :

1. Card issuance form

2. know your customer (KYC) form

3. Permanent identification number (PAN) card

4. Declaration of being an owner of one prepaid card only

What can you do with the dollar cards in Nepal ?

1. You can  deposit upto USD 500 or equivalent in the account at once or within a year.

2. You can use the  card to buy or make international transactions online, upto the limit of USD 500 annually.

3. You can also deposit the income you receive from international outlets upto the limit of USD 5,000 annually.

4. You can also exchange foreign currencies up to USD 500 or equivalent.

How many dollar cards can one person obtain  in Nepal ?

One person can obtain only one dollar cards in Nepal. If one person obtain dollar cards from one bank then he/she can't obtain dollar cards from another bank in Nelal.

Can we use dollar cards in ATM machine ?

No, you can't use dollar cards in  ATM to withdraw money or use the card to pay with point-of-sale (POS) machines  like Visa cards.

Can we make transaction above USD 500 within a year ?

No, you can't make transactions beyond the fixed limit of USD 500. If found guilty, the NRB can hold or cancel the transaction or even the card.

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