How to create a free website in Nepal | domain

Create a free website in Nepal. Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd provides free .np domains for all Nepalese Citizens. Create a free website now.

Do you know that you can actually register your own .np domain name without even paying a single amount for lifetime?

Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd now provides free .np domains for all Nepalese Citizens, Non-Resident-Nepalese, and even for Nepalese resident foreigners. Actually, its very simple and Free. You can register your own domain name to create website of your own name or in the name of your organization.

This article shows how to Register .np domain for Free. Before proceeding further, lets discuss what you must have:

1. Scanned copy of Nepalese citizenship ( passport if you are foreigners.)
2. your valid email address
3.Hand written application form

Steps to register .np domain for free 

Step 1 : Go to Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd website. click here

Step 2 : Now click on register here 

Step 3 : Then You will see Check Domain Availability option. Choose your desired domain name and check if it is available or not. 

P.S your domain name should be your own name or your organization name. If is not available then you can use any number after your name. For example :

Step 4 :  If your domain name is available then click register now for further process.

Step 5 : Now you need to create account in mercentile communication Pvt.Ltd. Click on create user.

Step 6 : Fill up the information and click on create account.

  Now you will see 'Thank you for Registering please check your email to active your account'.

Step 7: Check Your Email for confirmation. Just confirm your email address and your account will be activated.

Note : To confirm just open your email account and click on verify from the email that mercentile communication has send to you.

Step 8 : After verifying email. Click on register now then your sign in page will open. Enter your emil and password to sign in.

Step 9 : Now you will see Domain Information form.   Fill up the form. 

For name server : If you want free domain hosting lifetime than I recommend you to use

 Note: you can also change the name server  from the admin panel later . For now, you can enter the following name server for domain hosting.

Primary name server : 

Secondary name server :

Step 10Fill up Administrator form. Full Name, Address, and Phone Number.  

Note : leave organization name blank if you are making website of your name.

For post boxyou can search your district postal code in google. ( For example : if you need postal code of Jhapa then search Jhapa Postal code in google )

Step 11 : Click on copy administrative contact to fill up Technical contact. As you click on copy administrative contact your technical contact form will be filled automatically.

Step 12 : After filing form you should click on save and continue.

Step 13 : Now  you will see another new page where you need to submit your document  ( Scanned copy of Nepalese citizenship, passport if you are foreigners) and your Hand written application form.

Note : If you do not have scanned copy of documents. you can also click photo from your mobile phone. But image size should not be more than 200 KB. Thus, download image resizer from play store if you are using mobile phone and reduce photo size to 200 or less then 200 KB.

Step 14 :  Replace scanned copy of citizenship with For example : and It is most important to change name of citizenship photo to  because most of the domain got rejected because of this.

Step 15 : Click on the document Title and select Registration / Citizenship document . 

Step 16 : Now, click on choose file and select your citizenship photo of  front side. 

Step 17 : Again, Click on the document Title and select Registration / Citizenship document .

Step 18 : Now, click on choose file and select your citizenship photo of  back side. 

Step 19 : Again, Click on the document Title and select cover letter. Now, click on choose file and upload photo of hand written application.

If you don't know how to write application, here is the sample : click here

Step 20 : Now click on request Domain. Then you will see message that your domain name is received and wait for approval as given below in picture.

 All done ! Your domain will be accepted within 24 hours. If the day is of public holiday then the next day when office open, immediately your domain will be accepted.

you will see status 'Active' if your domain is accepted as given in the picture.

 You will instantly receive an email notification whether your domain is accepted and ready to use or has been declined.

 If your domain request is being rejected, they will give you the reason why your domain is rejected.

What to do after having domain name of | Follow our steps.