10 questions about PI Network | Frequently asked questions about PI Network

1. What is Pi Network ?

PI Network is the first Digital Currency you can Mine on your own phone.

2. What is the value of one PI Now ?

The value of one PI is equal to zero now. The value may increase in future. It is estimated that value of One PI may be between 10$ to 250$. We can't say exactly what the value may be. Its value may also be much less i.e equal to zero.

The value of PI will be set out in phase 3 of the project. Now, the project is in second phase.

3. Is it good to install PI network ?

I suggest you to install it as it doesn't drain your battery and also don't ask your permission to use phone data.

So it seems safe. You should open once a day and click to mine. No need to run apps in background. Thus, a few minutes in a day and a bit space will be occupied by the apps.

Thats why I don't see any disadvantage of installing and using this application

4. Who are the developer of PI network ?

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis
Head of Technology

Stanford PhD and instructor of Stanford’s first decentralized applications class; combining distributed systems and human computer interaction to bring cryptocurrency to everyday people

Dr. Chengdiao Fan
Head of Product

Stanford PhD in Computational Anthropology harnessing social computing to unlock human potential on a global scale.

Vincent McPhillip
Head of Community

Yale and Stanford-trained social movement builder on a mission to democratize how society defines, creates, and distributes wealth.

5. Is there other crypto currency in the world ?

Yes, there are many others cryoto currently in the world. Some have higher value and some have near to zero value or zero value only. But PI network is the first Digital Currency which can be mined through mobile phone also.

6. Is PI network like Bitcoin ?

Yes, PI Network is crypto Currency like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the highest valued crypto currency in the world. Today's value ( on the date of creating blog ) of one Bitcoin is equal to 9253.36 US Dollars.

Today's value of some of the crypto currency are given below :

7. Create account using mobile number or phone number ?

You can create account using any of the above but if you use your phone number you should send sms on US phone number to verify your phone number from your phone.

Note : we need account for long time so use phone number or Facebook account which last for long time with you.

Note : Use your citizen Name. As you should fill up KYC form on future to withdraw your PI.

8. What is Invitation code ?

Invitation code is the username of the person who invited you to join PI network. If you don't have Invitation code you can use my username : bijayrimal

Note : After creating your account on PI you should open the apps once to start mining. If you forget to click on mine each after 24 hours you will stop mining until you click on it again.

9. Can we continue mining lifetime ?

No, you will not be able to mine after PI developer decide to stop mining process. Probably PI will decrease rate of mining after it reach 10 million users. Similarly they will stop mining after reaching 100 million users.

So Faster you start using PI network, you will earn more in future if value of PI increases.

10. Is it true we earn millions of dollars using PI network ?

No, It depends upon the demand of PI network whether its value increase or decrease. But, be sure that, news or video which show you will earn millions of dollars and will be billioners is totally fake. You will be able to purchase apps from PI you earn after they create their own apps store. So demand of such apps will be the measuring point of PI value.

10. Can we withdraw PI now ?

No you cannot withdraw Pi right now. You will be able to withdraw PI or exchange it for other currency in a phase 3 of the project. Now, PI is in second phase.