How many Supercomputer are there in Nepal

1 supercomputer
, Kathmandu University has installed a country first supercomputer in IT Park, Banepa as a part of donation. This supercomputer has 184 computer servers, 16 storage servers, and 12 high-speed switches. According to KU, this is the fastest supercomputer in South Asia after that of India.

The high speed supercomputer was donated by CERN based in Switzerland to Kathmandu University.

Following are the Specifications of the supercomputer installed in IT Park, Banepa :

• 184 computer servers 1824 cores, 6.5TB RAM, 624TB raw disk)

• 16 Storage servers(768 TB raw disk)

• Six 1Gbps switch

• Six 10Gbps switch

• More than 200 SFP+ network cables

Following are the Compilers installed in the supercomputer of IT Park, Banepa :

• C
• C++

Following are the Libraries installed in the supercomputer of IT Park, Banepa :

• FFT(Fast Fourier Transform)

• BLAS(Basic Linear Algebra Subroutine)

• LAPACK(Linear Algebra Package)

•Valgrind(Memory Leak Check)

• Scipy

• Gmesh

According to Dr. Rajendra P. Adhikari (Assistant Professor, Kathmandu University), This supercomputer is expected to contribute towards a new high-performance computing facility for research and educational purposes in Nepal.

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