How to host domain using | Make website live on Internet

What to do after having domain name to get your website live on internet ? Here
 is the solution.

P.S. you can also buy paid web hosting from different hosting companies but i am showing here how to host your domain for Free lifetime.

To stat first you should have your own domain name. I have already shown How to create a domain for free in my previous blog. You can refer that blog if you don't have your own domain.

After having domain make sure that you have kept name server as given below . If you have kept name server something else then, change it to following :

primary name server :

secondary name server :

Note : If you have followed my process to register your domain name then you have already completed above steps. Now lets began.

Step 1 : Go to website

Step 2 : Click on sign up free and Create an account on

Note : If you could not understand the Captcha from image click on different images untill you get the image you could easily read it and type it in the box.

Step 3 : Click on send activation email. Check your email address and verify your email.Then log in to

Step 4 : Click on Domains

Step 5 : Click on Add Domain onto freeDNS

Step 6 : Inserts your domain name. For example : Select shared status to Private.

Step 7 : Click on submit. Now, your domain has been added to the system.

Step 8 : Check it on internet after few minutes. Your domain will be live in Internet and it will look like this.

you are all done !! You have successfully hosted your domain on

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