Why is Punya Gautam soo famous ?

Punya Gautam is a Nepalese YouTube sensation who is famous for giving comic statement on any ongoing contraversy within the country. His way of answering to any questions seems to be funny which attracts lots of audience towards him. He is there to give interview on any ongoing contraversy.

Gautam who claims him as Phd Scholar, has been content for YouTubers in Nepal. He has given 100's of interviews in YouTube. Probably, he is the man who has given the maximum number of YouTube interviews. The way Punya Gautam answered the questions asked by the media is soo unique. People's also compaire him with the famous Journalist, Rishi Dhamala. His way of presenting himself in media is similar to the Journalist Rishi Dhamala.

He is also a TikToker by profession, he host live games on TikTok. We can't claim his primary income source as TikTok but he has been able to earn good income from TikTok.

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