Is RONB trustworthy ?

Yes, Routine of Nepal Banda aka RONB is trustworthy source of information. It has been providing authentic information for more than 10 years. Any breaking news there, people visit RONB post to confirm it. It has become go to source of information for Nepalese residing inside and out side the country. 

RONB, which was first established to provide status of strikes in Nepal has now been major information source for the youths of Nepal. It has the most active social media accounts. It is only the information based social media pages of Nepal which has been able to cross 1k + reactions and 100's of comments in almost all of their posts in their major social media platform i.e Facebook and Instagram.

The posts by RONB are authentic, trustworthy and considered reliable. It has been acting as the fact check and information confirmation source for more than 10 years. If we see the past updates of RONB, almost all the posts are accurate, they have given rearly the false updates. Although the false updates are not given intentionally,  that maybe because of misinformation from the relevant source. If we rate the accuracy of RONB posts out of 100, we can give it 95 points.
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