Reasons why videos get Corrupt

Video Files get corrupt due to various error that occurred during recording, playback, storage or transfer of the clip. Some of the common reasons why video file gets corrupt are : 

1. If Video playing device are shut-down while videos are still being played.

2.If you are using a third-party video player that does not have requisite properties needed to effectively process video files.

3. If there is Physical damage to hard drives or memory cards where video is stored.

4. If a video file become infected with either viruses or malware making it almost impossible for video players to process the files.

5. if the file’s header, metadata, or other modules are tampered with and are not reverted to their original status.

6. If recording is incomplete due to bad SD card, camera dropped or any type of unfinished recording.

7. If Video in not completely downloaded. In case your internet connection got disconnected while downloading videos which cause incomplete download of video.

How to prevent MP4 files from being corrupted in future?

Here I am sharing the tips on how to avoid damaging your MP4 file so that you don't have to repair them again.

1. Never turn off your camera until the video recording has not been ended.

2. Avoid creating or playing videos when the battery is almost completely discharged.

3. Do not use cheap flash memory cards to store videos. Make sure the memory card has sufficient space and read / write speed to record video files on it.

4. Back up your important videos on timely manner and check videos status. 

4. Make a quick format of the memory card before recording important videos on it. 

This will help avoid fragmentation of your MP4 files and make it easier to recover them when needed. 

But be sure to save the contents on the memory card before formatting it.

5. Back up your important videos on timely manner to avoid loss of important data.