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Who can issue dollar cards in Nepal

Any authorised  ‘A’ class commercial banks and ‘B’ class  development banks can issue dollar cards in Nepal.

Who can obtain dollar cards in Nepal

Any Nepalese individual, firm, company or institutions can apply and obtain dollar cards in Nepal.

How to apply for dollar cards in Nepal

To apply for dollar cards in Nepal  you need to submit the following documents in the banks :

1. Card issuance form

2. know your customer (KYC) form

3. Permanent identification number (PAN) card

4. Declaration of being an owner of one prepaid card only

What can you do with the dollar cards in Nepal ?

1. You can  deposit upto USD 500 or equivalent in the account at once or within a year.

2. You can use the  card to buy or make international transactions online, upto the limit of USD 500 annually.

3. You can also deposit the income you receive from international outlets upto the limit of USD 5,000 annually.

4. You can also exchange foreign currencies up to USD 500 or equivalent.

How many dollar cards can one person obtain  in Nepal ?

One person can obtain only one dollar cards in Nepal. If one person obtain dollar cards from one bank then he/she can't obtain dollar cards from another bank in Nelal.

Can we use dollar cards in ATM machine ?

No, you can't use dollar cards in  ATM to withdraw money or use the card to pay with point-of-sale (POS) machines  like Visa cards.

Can we make transaction above USD 500 within a year ?

No, you can't make transactions beyond the fixed limit of USD 500. If found guilty, the NRB can hold or cancel the transaction or even the card.

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