What is Nagarik App | Why Nepal Government launched Nagarik App

Nagarik App is the mobile application developed by the Nepal government to provide all the government services digitally in a single platform so that people need not visit the Government offices to get those services.

Nepal Government has launched the beta version of 'Nagarik App' as all the services of different government bodies will be done in the same platform. Currently you can apply for a PAN registration. In future, you will be able to apply for driving license, DMAT and many more in just a single click from this apps. You will get all decentralised services that are now provided by the local governments to the citizens.

This apps is expected to put an end to the hassles that citizens have been facing since long time in government offices. It is hoped that the app will save the time of citizens and also reduce corruption by increasing transparency.

This e-governance platform will really be beneficial to Nepalese Citizen as they need not to be present physically in government office. You just need your mobile phone number for identification and enter your citizenship/ Passport/ Licence details to use this apps.

If you want to download the Nagarik App. click here

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