You can contact Routine of Nepal Banda by messaging them in their official social media platform or you can mail at You can also visit Routine of Nepal Private Limited office located at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Who is the Admin/ Owner of Routine of Nepal Banda ?

Many people Google repeatedly, who is is the admin of Routine of Nepal banda?

 Victor Poudel is the owner and Admin of Routine of Nepal Banda. He along with other admins manage their social media accounts.

In 2011, Victor Poudel started a Facebook page Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) with a view to provide status of strikes in Nepal. Later, they registered the page Routine of Nepal banda as online media in the name of Routine of Nepal Private Limited and started to provide latest news, information and Current affairs going around.

What is Routine of Nepal Banda Email ?

The email address to provide content to routine of Nepal Banda is