If the Person be Good No Matter who Gave it

For the first time in history, an independent candidate has been elected as the mayor of  big Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC). Rapper and structural engineer Balen Shah has won the mayoral race of the Kathmandu metropolis defeating candidates from two established parties. 

Balen Shah winning the mayor of the capital city is such a huge thing and it signifies that people are fed up with useless political leaders and their incompetency. This may be the start of new era.

Although Balen Shah is mayor of Kathmandu, but he gets support from every Nepalis even Youths of established Political parties. One of his supporte from outside the valley said, "If the person be good no matter who gave it ". Really, no matter who gave vote to Balen, his win is now hope for the Nepalese that country is moving towards new era. 

Now, it's time to wait and watch his work as Kathmandu metro Mayor. If his tenure become successful than I am damn sure that, country will get many leaders like Balen in next election.
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