Can we use Refrigerator as Air Conditioners

We can't use Refrigerator as Air Conditioners because the Refrigerator exhaust more heat outside the Refrigerator to generate cold temperature inside.

Do you know ? Room gets more hotter even when we keep door of Refrigerator open.

Why we can't use Refrigerator as Air Conditioners ?

We can't use Refrigerator as Air Conditioners because the Refrigerator gives a cold temperature inside but to generate cold temperature inside it exhaust more heat outside the Refrigerator. The heat generated backside of refrigerator makes room more hotter then the actual temperature of the room.

Also, Refrigerator is made only to keep its inside temperature cold. It doesn't let to flow the temperature outside of it. So, the cold air from Refrigerator doesn't flow outside.

Can we make Refrigerator as Air conditioner ?

You can but try it on your own risk. If you keep the Refrigerator in such a way that the backside of the Refrigerator is outside of the room and the air from outside does not Flow inside the room. In such condition the hot air generated from Refrigerator will not flow inside the room.

Now, use a fan to pass the air from Refrigerator to the room. Keep the fan inside Refrigerator and open it. Keep the Refrigerator door open.

Here, you will feel the temperature of the room slowly getting lower and lower.

P.S. Don't try to use this idea in new Refrigerator as the cost of the Refrigerator is higher then the Air conditioner. The blog is only for educational purposes.

All done !!!


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