Why Android and iOS are most used Mobile operating system

IOS and Android are the most used operating system because there are unlimited apps developed for Android and iOS . Their design and performance are also user friendly. They too have good battery optimization. So, most of the people prefer to use these two operating system.

What do you think there are no software engineer in the world who can make better operating system then Android and iOS for Mobile phone ?

No, There are different operating system for mobile phones developed but they couldn't keep their existence in the market. Maybe because of their poor budget, product deficiency or weak background of company.

IOS, product of Apple Inc. and Android, product of Google are the most advertised operating system in the world. Their background or parent company is very strong.

If the background or parant company of the certain product are too strong then the company can keep their products continue even if the product is not giving a good result for short time. Research and development can be conducted continuously as they have huge budget allocated for research and development. They can update their product time to time and make such product better to best.

When a new product comes in the market, they will not be perfect at first. Even Android and iOS were not perfect in its initial phase. From continue research and development and hard work of their team they updated their products time to time as a result they are most used mobile operating system today.

Different operating system come, exist for short time but they can't capture market in long term :

For Example : Bada, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, Tizen, MeeGo etc.

Why people prefer to create apps mostly for Android and iOS ?

Ans : Process of creating apps and publishing them is easy in Android and iOS. Also, being a most used operating system the apps creater will get large users and client in Android and iOS. So, they create apps for android and iOS mostly.

Why windows Mobile doesn't last for long time even after having parent company or background strong ?

Although microsoft, parents company of windows phone was strong, but due to the product deficiency in long term it couldn't create its market. Windows phone couldn't give good battery optimization, Features and Design were also not good, their appstore doesn't contain a good application too. So, they couldn't capture market for long time.

In the internet world, if any product gets popular then it goes on being popular. If their background company are strong then they make more investment and make the product more strong and capture the market.

By using the same policy Android and iOS become the most used operating system for mobile.

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